In the darkest times I re-commit to Light

In the darkest times I re-commit to Light

December 18, 2017


With today’s (December 18th 2017) New Moon we are ending up the year and setting the new one in motion.
This December’s new moon – the last of the year – is closely followed by Winter Solstice on December 21st: the longest night of the year and the ‘natural’ end of the year (besides what modern calendars enforce to support business cycles). December 22nd also marks the end of Mercury retrograde. We are one week away from Christmas, Jesus and Mithra and Horus’s birthday. It is also said that it was around this period that the Buddha received his enlightenment.
This week, with the moon growing from new till its first quarter (the 26th) is truly magical. In these shortest days and longest nights, when the darkness is scarier and the cold is pungent, realizations of divine directions bubble up from the unconscious and new intentions can be set, the machine set in motion for another year’s cycle.

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