May His Spirit be Born within You

May His Spirit be Born within You

December 24, 2017


We wish you to find the Divine Strength that lies within you, this Christmas: open your heart to compassion but also hold to a vision that is uncompromising. Jesus was crucified but he wasn’t a doormat: there are quite a few episodes in the Gospels that portray a very human, very angry Jesus who wouldn’t bite his tongue and would spit out his truth in the face of good-doers and authority.
He was on a mission: he was shaking society. He had no fear and he knew the consequences would not have been easy.
Going through the pain and suffering of being marginalized and made a martyr was part of his ascension process: he came to show us that we should not fear death because we are more than our bodies – and that our bodies are instruments, they are the tool we are given to go through this earthly lifetime. Sometimes even the best tools break – the more you use them, the less they tend to last – but we live on beyond the earthly passage.
He choose to be born in poverty and experience a hard life from the start, to get ready for his later efforts.

Can modern men still choose to renounce at least some distracting modern comfort, gadget or desire, in order to own the direction of their own life? We wish many more start having the courage to do just that.

PS – in the photo, the nativity scene we set up in our temple (if you are wondering about this temple, read more about it in our earlier blog post). Some of the figurines are pretty old (50+ years), some are newer (maybe 20) and they belonged to Daniele’s grandparents.

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