Full Blue Moon March 31st 2018

Full Blue Moon March 31st 2018

March 30, 2018


Tonight’s Full Moon in Libra will be the last ‘Blue’ Moon for a while – till 2020. Blue moons are those are moons that provide insights into your heart’s desires and allow for conscious growth, transformation and manifestation.

In her article about this Full Moon, Anandashree Astrology writes:
“[…] All kinds of creative handicrafts (like cooking, drawing and sculpting) and healing practices of hands (like Reiki) are empowered by the light of this full moon.[…]”

This moon will shine a guiding light over your doubts and fears to let you take steps your soul is longing for but you might have been too afraid to follow.
Be ready to follow it now, don’t miss this train!

PS – A the Sanctuary of Joy we are hosting a couple of ‘Reiki Vacations’ in May/June and August/September where you can learn Reiki with us in the middle of Nature, in Italy – check out our Events section on Facebook.

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