We believe in spreading the Light and that healing should be available for everyone. To receive full benefit from a reading or a Reiki treatment there should be an exchange of energy but we know that not everybody has the same financial resources to invest in themselves. We want to help: when you book one of our services you can pay the suggested price or use one of the discount codes listed below. We are also open for suggestions is ways you can pay it forward by telling us what kind of service or donation you will offer to society. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Book a Reiki distance healing, a Skype card reading or a Skype coaching session

You can book a Reiki distance healing, a Skype card reading or a Skype coaching session by contacting us and we can agree on the best time/date and details in follow up emails.

Universal Energy

A Reiki distance treatment will typically consists of 20 minutes Reiki and a 10 minute Skype session in case you have questions you would like to have answered or feelings that came up that you would like to talk about.
We are here to help you shine and to bring out your inner Joy and we can also agree on recurring meetings and a longer treatment plan.

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Reserve your spot to visit and stay with us

If you came here to reserve your spot for spending some time with us, all of the information you are looking for are in the Stay With Us page.

Book a written card reading

You will be able to choose multiple types of card readings and add them to a shopping cart, and pay through PayPal.
We’ll personally confirm your request within 24-48 hours of receiving it and verifying your donation, and we will let you know when to expect your email with the card reading (usually within 4-5 days of your original request).

Book a written card reading

All card readings are presented as a PDF document, with clear photos or images of the cards pulled in your reading so that you, too, can create a personal connection with the cards we have drawn for you, and intuitively pick up the messages of the cards just through the imagery, besides our explanations.

Tarot reading

Afterwards, you will have the chance to follow up over email and ask questions or seek clarification about your reading.

We use a variety of decks both Tarot as oracle decks, as every deck has a different atmosphere and can show you different aspects of the situation. The reading will let you know what your soul wants you to know for that situation. We will intuitively choose the best deck for the question. It is also possible to have a multiple deck reading to get even more insight in a situation.

The right kind of questions will help you get a more clear answer. Good questions start with what, how, why. For example: “Is my relationship worth saving and fighting for, or shall I give up?” “Shall I quit my current and safe but stressful job for a different one that is not as ‘safe’ but more exciting?” “Why am I not healthy and how can I improve?” “What is blocking me from finding the right partner?” or even simply “What do I need to be aware of right now or in this situation?”

Discount codes
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