About Us

We are Jyothi (Dutch) and Daniele (Italian): a married couple with children (Joshua, Luca and Sara) living on a hill of the Italian countryside, in an old country house/farm that was abandoned for a long time and needed restructuring and love. We had previous experiences of ‘mainstream’ life and work for companies which took us around the world and caused a lot of stress and we have now radically changed our lives.

We have transformed the place to make it functional but sustainable and environment-friendly at the same time and to be able to host spiritual retreats, Reiki courses and other activities: a space where other families can come and take a holiday or for a work exchange with us, stay in our Mongolian Yurt or even camp in their own tent and work on themselves in peace and quiet, in the middle of nature.

We have a vision for a life that is self-sufficient, off-grid and in harmony with the environment and we make use of renewable/green energy, we experiment with permaculture, eco-friendly living techniques, waste reduction and recycling for creative/artistic and functional purposes, appreciation for nature and for the small important things in life.

Our land is mostly cultivated as an hazelnut orchard and from our hazelnuts we make various delicious products. We also have some olive trees, some chestnut tree, a few fruit trees (cherries, apples, figs, plums), a vegetable yard and we collect native spontaneous medical and edible plants. We also have hens, a few cats and a dog.

Jyothi is a Reiki Master and she is a Naturopath (Homeopathy, phytotherapy).